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SETI Class

Lin-setibuf is an utility, written in Perl, for the SETI@Home text client for Linux. Using Lin-setibuf, you'll be able to create a stack (or "buffer") of work units on your computer, thus reducing the spare time between download and elaboration. With Lin-setibuf, you can monitor the status of the stack, the actual elaboration statistics, and the best stats you've achieved since the creation of the stack.

Since the 1.8.1 version of Lin-setibuf, you'll find in the tarball a graphical frontend to the --status option, wirtten in Perl/GTK, called "GLin-setibuf". It's useful for keeping an eye on the stack status while under X. In order to use it, you must have the Perl/GTK wrapper (also known as libgtk-perl) installed on your system.

10 Mar 2002 - Bug fixing...
Version 1.8.2 has a typo in the Makefile that prevented it from installing correctely. I've uploaded the tarball with the new Makefile: you can find it in the download section.
09 Mar 2002 - Lin-setibuf 1.8.2
Found a major bug in the `proxy_address' config option (thanks to Hans Peschke).
09 Mar 2002 - Lin-setibuf 1.8.1
First patch level for the stable version. Changes include: resync'd with the libseti-perl 0.44 (WARNING: history file format has been changed, so the Perl interpreter may complain about some null concatenations; in order to avoid these warnings, save a backup copy of your history, create a new history file (deleting the old one and launching lin-setibuf with the --status option) and then diff back the old stats); now --add works again (I found a serious bug that prevented this option to work properly) flawlessly. I've added, in the contrib/ directory, GLin-setibuf, a graphical frontend, written in Perl/GTK, for viewing the status of the stack under X. Very primitive, but effective.
09 Mar 2002 - Libseti-perl 0.44
New release od the SETI class. Changes include an improvement of the history file (stores WU name and coordinates for every stat) and some bug fixing.

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